Romantisch Weekend op de Keukenhof

Keukenhof, Lisse


10:00-11:00 uur


In samenwerking met de kostuumontwerpster Victorine Pasman zal Brigitte een a-capella performance doen op de Keukenhof tijdens het Romantische Weekend aldaar.

Visit the classical music festival among the tulips on May 13 and 14! What could be more romantic than enjoying beautiful classical music and dance among the many blooming flowers in a historic Keukenhof? These are the ingredients for a special weekend that Keukenhof organises on May 13 and May 14 (Mother’s Day). Imagine yourself in the 19th century among people dressed in Romantic costumes and come and listen to orchestras, soloists and ensembles performing between the flowers. Romance at Keukenhof is organised in collaboration with De Cultuurbrigade from Rotterdam. De Cultuurbrigade annually organises the ‘Dag van de Romantische Muziek' in The Park in Rotterdam, which was designed by the famous architect Zocher, who also designed Keukenhof.