Stadswild – een stiltewandeling

Hermitage, Amsterdam


10:00-11:00 uur


Beating your own drum, going against conventional wisdom and wholeheartedly trusting your own instinct is rare thing in a world that is dominated by distractions, loud noises and smartphones. Our mission is to help you to strengthen your body, clear your mind and find stillness in the midst of chaos. Amongst all the fitness crazes, the before and after pictures, we offer you an alternative. We don’t work out for the sole purpose of having a bikini-body. We work out because it is who we are. Finding yourself and listening to your inner voice starts with getting in touch with your body.

Your body tells you everything about you. The sensation of having a fit, healthy body will transcend to all other parts of your being. Join our urban workouts, become a Secret Yogi or a Silent Night Runner and be part of our urban community of independent thinkers. You will find us out in the city.